Lost for Words

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I have been lost for words. As my Aunt Mary Ann, Ken and Elizabeths first child has past away. She is the last of their children.
She was a Mother, Wife, Teacher and Artist who helped and loved the community and made a difference.

I have to say this project of 18haven has been a joy to experience with her. As it has helped keep the stories of Ken, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Ken Jr., Thomas, David and Peter alive.

This is footage that I had restored about 7 years ago, I always think of Mary Ann when I look at it:

  1. Ken and Elizabeth with Ken’s parents in Ogunquit with Mary Ann as a child.
  2. Elizabeth and unknown person with Cow
  3. Hubble Lighthouse
  4. Elizabeth and Ken body surfing
  5. Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Grand and Great Grand Mother
  6. Mary Ann (color image) and Ken’s father Fredrick
  7. Mary Ann at the Beach
  8. Unknown People.
  9. Ken Jr. (my dad) taking a bottle
  10. Mary Ann in Sunday best
  11. Christmas
  12. Ken
  13. Maggie, Elizabeth’s sister
  14. Elizabeth and Maggie




  1. It has been so fun remembering my cousin, Mary Ann! This comment pertains to the end of the film where my mother, Maggie recites an animated story. It’s really better if you don’t know what she is saying, but this is what it is:
    She was ironing her dolly’s new gown
    Maid Marian, four years old,
    With her brows puckered down in a painstaking frown
    Under her tresses of gold.
    ‘Twas Sunday, and nurse, coming in
    Exclaimed in a tone of surprise,
    “Don’t you know it’s a sin
    Any work to begin
    On the day that the Lord sanctifies?”
    Then lifting her face like a rose,
    Thus answered this wise little tot:
    “Now don’t you suppose
    That the good Lord, He knows
    This little iron’s not hot!”

    I don’t know what Aunt Lizzie is reciting, but I may figure it out.

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