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Rockport Harbor Master Gene “Shorty” Lesch

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Capt. Ned Cameron

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I originally posted this set of images thinking it was Jack Goddard, though have been corrected that it is Ned Cameron. Thanks to the Goddard family for helping me out.


Star Boats Film

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This was a project Peter Vincent did when he was at the SMFA in Boston. It was shot in Rockport MA at SBYC and the voice over was done by Ken Vincent.

SBYC – Weekend Storm

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I wish these images were better. Most of the images were underexposed with focusing issues.
Though there is some interesting views of SBYC and one of the top of Bearskin Neck.







Gloucester Paint at SBYC in Rockport

The family has always had a connection to Sandy Bay Yacht Club in Rockport. These are images from the Gloucester Paint ad campaign.

All three people are unknown.

gloucester-paint-sbyc gloucester-paint-sbycA gloucester-paint-sbycB

A Snowy Rockport Past

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A few images of a Rockport past, were there seems to be a lot of snow on the ground. These were taken from Kodak glass-mounted slides, which dates after 1940. They are pre-1978. Maybe late 1960?

Main Street RKPT

Motif #1

T-warf - Rockport

1970 Star Class North Americans in Rockport MA

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-Note I have been corrected. I was thinking that this was the 1954 North Americans, though a friend pointed out the age of some of the members, this is the 1970 North Americans in Rockport – 

I ran into John Weston’s daughter a few weeks ago in Rockport and was reminded of some of these images of the North Americans that I have been wanting to post. Some classic Rockport sailors that pushed me / influenced me in Star racing in my youth.


North American 1954

Ted Engel

Ted Engel


Joe Duplin, Peter Watson and others

Joe Duplin, Peter Watson and others


John Westin, Hillary Smart

John Westin, Hillary Smart


Hillary Smart

Hillary Smart


Jack Goddard, John Westin

Jack Goddard, John Westin


Star Class

SBYC and Bearskin Neck

SBYC - Rockport MA Launch SBYC - Rockport MA Rockport Harbor

Note Elizabeth on the Dock

Note Elizabeth on the Dock

Sandy Bay

Bearskin Neck

Bearskin Neck