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Real men cut wood

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This is another one that I found in the 4×5’s. The two people I do not know, but I am guessing the are NY models as they have shown up a few times in very Ad like images and footage.

I find this image brilliant as he cut the wood, she waits and watches him with a smoke.

Miss You Peter

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It has been a year since Peter, Ken and Elizabeth’s youngest child, passed away. My Uncle.  As I wander though all the images of the family I continue to have question that I wish I could ask him now.

There are many echo’s in my life that remind me of Peter. Peter taught me how to tie a tie and many other things over the years. RIP.

We love you!

Unknown Woman

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This reminds me of something that Ken would have done for Empire in Gloucester. Though I do not know what these images were used for. Though very likely for a an Ad.

Tuna Days

Regretfully there is a bunch of 4×5 negatives that have been distorted due to heat damage years ago. As I work out ways to see these wonderful images I came across this wonderful series of Tuna Fishing. My guess is these were used for an ad, but who knows.



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When I first saw this photo I though it was Ken and Elizabeth’s son David. Though after scanning it in and looking at it, it looks more like their son Ken Jr. (my Dad – he had a gap in his teeth).  Was it for an Ad? I do not know, though it does feel like it should be in one.

Elizabeth’s Mom

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Unknown Woman and New York

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Portraits of Elizabeth

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Portraits of Ken

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Art School or Ad Agency?

My guess is this is one of the bull pens that Ken worked in or maybe me watching 5 seasons on Madmen is impacting my view.

Nonetheless, it is a wonderful image.

Mary Ann

Some images of Ken and Elizabeth’s first child and only daughter Mary Ann when she was a young one. I am thankful to have reckoned with her and her family in the last year.

Elizabeth and Mary Ann

Ken and Mary Ann Ken and Mary AnnMaryAnn MaryAnn MaryAnn - the christmas card

Rob not Eoin

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In a sleeve labeled baby Eoin (me), I fined images on my cousin Rob. Though interestingly enough I remember that jacket.
– footnote. I have been corrected. It is my cousin Rich.