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Which linoleum will work for the kitchen?

Happy New Year

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Wishing you a Happy and Warm New Year!!

AGH – The Dr. Will See You Now

There are very few images from this series from AGH in Gloucester. There are no names, documents or ideas on what campings or programs the photos were a part of, though they do have a nice 70’s feel going on.

Kathy, Linda and Margie

The influence of the Swedish / Scandinavian culture in Rockport should not be overlooked. It is a major part of its history. Though as generations pass, the shadows of the Swedish influence stays alive by the work of the local Spiran Lodge #98 .  At one point there were three Swedish churches in Pigeon Cove which all three have now been converted to private residences.

The bellow series of photos makes me wonder if Ken was working on a project for the lodge. These were taken at the  Haven Ave residence/studio, and include sisters Kathy & Lynda Hamilton and Margie Erkkila.


Capt. Ned Cameron

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I originally posted this set of images thinking it was Jack Goddard, though have been corrected that it is Ned Cameron. Thanks to the Goddard family for helping me out.


Peter Says Hi!

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A young Peter Vincent ASMA, says hi! I t looks like an ad campaign though, I have never seen the ad.

These were taken at 18 Haven. Look at the trees.

Don Stone – Artist Portrait

Elizabeth and Ken Jr.

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Elizabeth and Ken Jr.

Bomco Girls

Ken did a lot of work for Gloucester and Rockport companies. One of them being Bomco. I have rolls and rolls of images of the old Bomco that I need to get through one of these days. There are lots of images like this, which makes me wonder if they were for ads or a calendar?

Vincent Advertising Staff

An unknown woman that appears to be a part of Ken’s staff. In the last few years I have meet a few people that had worked with Ken, though I do not know who this is, but I find them wonderful portraits.



Helen-adv4 Helen-adv Helen-adv2 Vincet-adv2

Knight at the Vincent Table

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Thats Advertising!

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Some more ad concepts for Chesterfield. With the finding of these images, it continues my thought that Ken did do photography for Chesterfield, though family stories say that he did not.