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Bluewaters – Gloucester Fleet

These photos of the Gloucester boat Bluewaters, were likely taken by Peter. In college, Peter had done a series of images of modern fishing boats and their engine propellors and these images would fit well into that collection.

Building Center – Gloucester? Essex?


These images were all from the same roll. Strange and wonderful.2016-01-15-0017

Elizabeth and her daughter, with unknown dog.

2016-01-15-0018 2016-01-15-0019 2016-01-15-0020

Unknown Coastline

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Anyone have any ideas that coastline this is? Rockport? Ogunquit?

New York?

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I think these images are of NY. Though the image bellow appears to be some sort of stadium. Any idea on which one it would be great! Thanks


Boston Airport (aka Logan)

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I have been told that this hanger was recently taken down in Logan Airport.

Bomco Girls

Ken did a lot of work for Gloucester and Rockport companies. One of them being Bomco. I have rolls and rolls of images of the old Bomco that I need to get through one of these days. There are lots of images like this, which makes me wonder if they were for ads or a calendar?

Rockport / Tommy / Ken

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This video is very personal for me. It is from a reel that Peter Vincent had given to me a few months before he died, because he was hoping to get it digitized to see his brother Tommy again.

Looking at this footage it looks like it was all shot by Ken Sr. The first set of images are of dock square in Rockport, the second is Cape Ann’s largest telescope in the late 1950’s with Ken’s and Elizabeths son Tommy and the third has Ken Jr. with unknown man in the family MG, Peter and David Vincent are crowding the MG.


Russian Boat

This appears to be a Russian boat in Gloucester harbor.

Susanne Susanne2 susanne3

Vincent Advertising Staff

An unknown woman that appears to be a part of Ken’s staff. In the last few years I have meet a few people that had worked with Ken, though I do not know who this is, but I find them wonderful portraits.



Helen-adv4 Helen-adv Helen-adv2 Vincet-adv2

Gloucester Paint in Manchester

More images for Gloucester Paint ads. These images have Ken and Elizabeths son Ken (my Dad) in them. The woman in unknown, though I have seen other images of her in other stills.

gloucester-paint2gloucester-paint2a gloucester-paint2b gloucester-paint gloucester-paint11

SBYC – Weekend Storm

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I wish these images were better. Most of the images were underexposed with focusing issues.
Though there is some interesting views of SBYC and one of the top of Bearskin Neck.