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Bluewaters – Gloucester Fleet

These photos of the Gloucester boat Bluewaters, were likely taken by Peter. In college, Peter had done a series of images of modern fishing boats and their engine propellors and these images would fit well into that collection.

Peter Says Hi!

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A young Peter Vincent ASMA, says hi! I t looks like an ad campaign though, I have never seen the ad.

These were taken at 18 Haven. Look at the trees.

Cardinal Cushing visits Rockport MA – Part 1

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Cardinal Cushing visits Rockport MA with Father Whalen at St. Joachim church.

Special thanks to the members of the Facebook page “You know you grew up in Rockport when…” in helping me define the Cardinal and year.

This was Peter’s confirmation class in 1959.


Star Boats Film

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This was a project Peter Vincent did when he was at the SMFA in Boston. It was shot in Rockport MA at SBYC and the voice over was done by Ken Vincent.

Peter’s christening?

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Someones christening. We think it is Peter. Though the question came about who took the photo?

Ken, Tommy, Mary Ann

Ken, Tommy, Mary Ann

Elizabeth and Peter

Elizabeth and Peter

In this same grouping of photos are these two images from what appears to be the same event. I do know know who either of these people are. Though one of them may have been the photographer.

Tom and Peter

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Tommy and Peter

Tom (my uncle not my brother) and Peter were avid divers.  Many of Peter’s early works were wrapped in diving and he tried to merge his love of drawing, photography and diving. Tom died in June of 1960 in a diving accident. This photo was taken behind the house at 18 Haven (now 38 Haven).

From the Gloucester Daily Times – Monday, June 20, 1960

Rockport Skin Diver in Mysterious Drowning
Body is Found Today – Youth Using Snorkel Device

Rockport – A 21 year old Pigeon Cove resident who has been skin diving for three years was mysteriously drowned here Sunday.
The body of Thomas Mullen Vincent of 18 Haven Avenue was found at 8:07 this morning by a commercial diver, in 35 feet of water about 35 yards east of Loblolly Cove Ledge…

When the body was recovered, diving mask. Snorkel, flippers, a quick-release lead belt weighing about 10 pounds, and rubber pants and jacket were still in place.

VINCENT’S SCUBA self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, diving outfit was in his auto parked near the shore.
Vincent left his home about 1:30 p.m. yesterday to spend the afternoon first at Back Beach and then in the Loblolly area joining others in the sport…

Joseph D. O’Neill, 28, of 8 Cove Hill Lane was one of these. A free-lance diver, who does commercial work, he was praised by others of the search party for the speed in which he located the body at the ocean bottom. It took O’Neill only 20 minutes.
PAYNOTTA, a personal friend of Vincent, commented today, “Tom was an experienced Scuba diver and snorkeler. He had been doing it for three years. He was not in the habit of going alone. He went down there with the intent of diving with others. There were skin divers all over the area. Whatever happened, there was no negligence involved. His belt was of the quick release kind that can be released in a second. It must have been a stomach cramp or heart attack.”

Vincent, according to his father, had three prominent interests, astronomy, photography and skin diving in all of which he excelled. He possessed one of the largest telescopes in this area. In photography, he had done national advertising, including General Motors Acceptance Corp. He had also worked with his father in advertising.
At Greenwich Conn. High School, he was a track star. He transferred to Rockport High in his senior year and was graduated in 1959. He planned to enter the Navy next month.

RIP Tom and Peter

Cowboy Peter

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Elizabeth, Ken, Peter and David

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It appears to be another Sunday at the Vincent’s with Ken doing portraits of Elizabeth and two of his children, David and Peter.

Miss You Peter

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It has been a year since Peter, Ken and Elizabeth’s youngest child, passed away. My Uncle.  As I wander though all the images of the family I continue to have question that I wish I could ask him now.

There are many echo’s in my life that remind me of Peter. Peter taught me how to tie a tie and many other things over the years. RIP.

We love you!