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Family Outing, Marblehead 1940

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Fred, Ken’s Father was born in Marblehead. These images were taken in the 1940’s. Mary Ann is looking out at the boats with her sailors cap. Fred, Helen, Ken and Mary Ann are on Queen Marblehead for a tour of the harbor.


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When I first saw this photo I though it was Ken and Elizabeth’s son David. Though after scanning it in and looking at it, it looks more like their son Ken Jr. (my Dad – he had a gap in his teeth).  Was it for an Ad? I do not know, though it does feel like it should be in one.

Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Ken

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When ever I look at this photo I think it is Point De Chene Ave. Though it must be CT or Maine.

Gloucester Paint

Gloucester Paint

Gloucester Paint

This is one of my favorite images from the adverting days on Haven Ave. This was an ad done for Gloucester Paint, it features two of Ken and ELizabeths children, Ken Jr in the Sun glasses (my dad) and Mary Ann. The two others in the photo are Oscar Nelson on the left and on the right long time Rockport Harbor Master Gene “Shorty” Lesch. I at one time had the ad from this, hopefully I will find it again.