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Gloucester Paint ad footage

Do you have to have paint on the brush to paint?

Rockport’s Vincent Advertising footage for the Gloucester Paint Co. There was a print campaign associated with this shoot. Though I am not aware of this footage being used for any TV campaigns.

The female model is unknown the male model is Ken Jr.

Elizabeth and Ken Jr.

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Elizabeth and Ken Jr.

Rockport / Tommy / Ken

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This video is very personal for me. It is from a reel that Peter Vincent had given to me a few months before he died, because he was hoping to get it digitized to see his brother Tommy again.

Looking at this footage it looks like it was all shot by Ken Sr. The first set of images are of dock square in Rockport, the second is Cape Ann’s largest telescope in the late 1950’s with Ken’s and Elizabeths son Tommy and the third has Ken Jr. with unknown man in the family MG, Peter and David Vincent are crowding the MG.


Gloucester Paint in Manchester

More images for Gloucester Paint ads. These images have Ken and Elizabeths son Ken (my Dad) in them. The woman in unknown, though I have seen other images of her in other stills.

gloucester-paint2gloucester-paint2a gloucester-paint2b gloucester-paint gloucester-paint11

Football Ken!

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Ken Jr. (my Dad) playing football. Likely in Greenwich CT.

Peter’s christening?

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Someones christening. We think it is Peter. Though the question came about who took the photo?

Ken, Tommy, Mary Ann

Ken, Tommy, Mary Ann

Elizabeth and Peter

Elizabeth and Peter

In this same grouping of photos are these two images from what appears to be the same event. I do know know who either of these people are. Though one of them may have been the photographer.

Mary Ann and Ken

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Found this today of my Aunt Mary Ann and my father Ken.  Ken and Elizabeths two oldest kids.

Oh, The Wall Paper. Ken, Ken and John Weston

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Boat Ride in Portsmouth NH

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Ken Jr. doing a little soft-shoe

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Jessie and Sheriff Woody?

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Ken Jr. (My dad) and Mary Ann. Feels like a Toy Story Set.

At Fredrick’s and Helen’s House

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This is Ken’s family house in Everett MA. Mary Ann and Ken Jr. are playing the water as Elizabeth and Fred read.