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Bomco Girls

Ken did a lot of work for Gloucester and Rockport companies. One of them being Bomco. I have rolls and rolls of images of the old Bomco that I need to get through one of these days. There are lots of images like this, which makes me wonder if they were for ads or a calendar?

Russian Boat

This appears to be a Russian boat in Gloucester harbor.

Susanne Susanne2 susanne3

Main Street Gloucester

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main-glou main-glou2

Aerial image of the Downtown Gloucester

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Todays question is when was the Gloucester YMCA built? 1970? The second image clearly shows its construction.

Glouster-arial YMCA-areal2 YMCA-areal3 Glouster-arial1-2 Glouster-arial5 Glouster-arial7 Glouster-arial8 Glouster-arial9






Building Center – Image concepts

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My guess, is this is from the mid 1970’s. I would have loved to have heard Ken’s Don Draper pitch on this ad concept.

Vincent Advertising work with the Building Center for many years. Regretfully, I have not run across any of the finished ads, not do I remember if this is the Rockport or Gloucester Building Center.


Does anyone recognize any of these faces?

Katie D – Gloucester Fishing

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Gloucester Harbor 1972

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Detail of sign in background

Tuna Days

Regretfully there is a bunch of 4×5 negatives that have been distorted due to heat damage years ago. As I work out ways to see these wonderful images I came across this wonderful series of Tuna Fishing. My guess is these were used for an ad, but who knows.


Gloucester Paint Ad Images

Gloucester Artist

Gloucester Artist

Gloucester Artist

This is one of my favorite photos that was likely a photo for an local Gloucester ad campaign.