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Cripple Cove – Captain Joe’s

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Cape Ann Savings Bank Gloucester

Gloucester Fishing Vessel

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Building Center – Gloucester? Essex?

Gloucester Paint ad footage

Do you have to have paint on the brush to paint?

Rockport’s Vincent Advertising footage for the Gloucester Paint Co. There was a print campaign associated with this shoot. Though I am not aware of this footage being used for any TV campaigns.

The female model is unknown the male model is Ken Jr.

Inside Gloucester Paint

Bomco Girls

Ken did a lot of work for Gloucester and Rockport companies. One of them being Bomco. I have rolls and rolls of images of the old Bomco that I need to get through one of these days. There are lots of images like this, which makes me wonder if they were for ads or a calendar?

Russian Boat

This appears to be a Russian boat in Gloucester harbor.

Susanne Susanne2 susanne3

Main Street Gloucester

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main-glou main-glou2

Aerial image of the Downtown Gloucester

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Todays question is when was the Gloucester YMCA built? 1970? The second image clearly shows its construction.

Glouster-arial YMCA-areal2 YMCA-areal3 Glouster-arial1-2 Glouster-arial5 Glouster-arial7 Glouster-arial8 Glouster-arial9






Building Center – Image concepts

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My guess, is this is from the mid 1970’s. I would have loved to have heard Ken’s Don Draper pitch on this ad concept.

Vincent Advertising work with the Building Center for many years. Regretfully, I have not run across any of the finished ads, not do I remember if this is the Rockport or Gloucester Building Center.


Does anyone recognize any of these faces?

Katie D – Gloucester Fishing

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