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Gloucester Paint ad footage

Do you have to have paint on the brush to paint?

Rockport’s Vincent Advertising footage for the Gloucester Paint Co. There was a print campaign associated with this shoot. Though I am not aware of this footage being used for any TV campaigns.

The female model is unknown the male model is Ken Jr.

Inside Gloucester Paint

Gloucester Paint in Manchester

More images for Gloucester Paint ads. These images have Ken and Elizabeths son Ken (my Dad) in them. The woman in unknown, though I have seen other images of her in other stills.

gloucester-paint2gloucester-paint2a gloucester-paint2b gloucester-paint gloucester-paint11

Gloucester Paint at SBYC in Rockport

The family has always had a connection to Sandy Bay Yacht Club in Rockport. These are images from the Gloucester Paint ad campaign.

All three people are unknown.

gloucester-paint-sbyc gloucester-paint-sbycA gloucester-paint-sbycB