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Building Center – Image concepts

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My guess, is this is from the mid 1970’s. I would have loved to have heard Ken’s Don Draper pitch on this ad concept.

Vincent Advertising work with the Building Center for many years. Regretfully, I have not run across any of the finished ads, not do I remember if this is the Rockport or Gloucester Building Center.


Does anyone recognize any of these faces?

GMAC Ad concepts and boards

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Some wonderful ad concepts from Ken Vincent.

Color TV? Cape Ann Bank and Trust

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Cape Ann Bank & Trust - New Color TV

Cape Ann Bank & Trust – New Color TV

This is a fun ad from Cape Ann Bank and Trust, get a loan for a new color TV. The football players is a painting by Ken and Elizabeths son Peter.

As a side note, this project has been wonderful because it has started a conversation with my family about the Vincent history. My Aunt has been wonderful in correcting me and making comments that would not have happened without this. In these cases I have gone back to the original posts and added notes in the hopes of building a full story. Thanks to everyone.

Which Came First – A GMAC Ad

GMAC Art board of Ad

GMAC Art board of Ad

Last week I ran across a bunch of slides of art boards for GMAC. They are all dated February 1960, which means they were likely done at 18 Haven. This one caught my eye because one of my first image that I found in the family collection was the below image.

GMAC Cheer Leader

GMAC Cheer Leader

Elizabeth and Ken both enjoyed paining from photos, and the copy in this artboard appears complete. So, it begs the question: which one came first, the photo or the art board?

Chesterfield Cigarettes

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The Flyboys of Chesterfield Cigarettes

The Flyboys of Chesterfield Cigarettes

One of the many campaigns Ken worked on was Chesterfield Cigarettes. These are from a shoot in Oct 1941, I do not know if he was the photographer or the Art Director.

Notes from my Aunt: “Dad was never the photographer for the ads during his career in New York.  They used professional photographers and sometimes Dad invited them to our home in Riverside.  He directed the photography sessions  sometimes.”