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Bluewaters – Gloucester Fleet

These photos of the Gloucester boat Bluewaters, were likely taken by Peter. In college, Peter had done a series of images of modern fishing boats and their engine propellors and these images would fit well into that collection.

Capt. Ned Cameron

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I originally posted this set of images thinking it was Jack Goddard, though have been corrected that it is Ned Cameron. Thanks to the Goddard family for helping me out.


Gloucester Fishing Vessel

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Don Stone – Artist Portrait

3 Military images

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I do not know if these images go together or not.

My guess is that they do not. Though the images below are very intriguing to understand what they were to be used for.

MAD MEN Go Sailing

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Getaway from the Agency and go sailing with some friends.

I have seen photos of these men before visiting Rockport

Anyone know what harbor this is?

Inside Gloucester Paint

Unknown Coastline

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Anyone have any ideas that coastline this is? Rockport? Ogunquit?