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Russian Boat

This appears to be a Russian boat in Gloucester harbor.

Susanne Susanne2 susanne3

SBYC – Weekend Storm

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I wish these images were better. Most of the images were underexposed with focusing issues.
Though there is some interesting views of SBYC and one of the top of Bearskin Neck.







A Snowy Rockport Past

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A few images of a Rockport past, were there seems to be a lot of snow on the ground. These were taken from Kodak glass-mounted slides, which dates after 1940. They are pre-1978. Maybe late 1960?

Main Street RKPT

Motif #1

T-warf - Rockport

Oleana Coffee Shop – Rockport

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I was unaware that Ken’s studio did anything with Oleana coffee shop in Rockport, MA. (now Brothers Brew) Though it appears that they did.

I have to say the below is one of the stranger food beauty shots that I have seen in awhile.

SBYC and Bearskin Neck

SBYC - Rockport MA Launch SBYC - Rockport MA Rockport Harbor

Note Elizabeth on the Dock

Note Elizabeth on the Dock

Sandy Bay

Bearskin Neck

Bearskin Neck