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At the CBS studios with the Chesterfield Band

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Drug Store – Chesterfields

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Am I the only one that finds these a little creepy. Especially the bottom one, I am expecting some sort of diabolical laugh.

Real men cut wood

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This is another one that I found in the 4×5’s. The two people I do not know, but I am guessing the are NY models as they have shown up a few times in very Ad like images and footage.

I find this image brilliant as he cut the wood, she waits and watches him with a smoke.

Unknown Woman

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This reminds me of something that Ken would have done for Empire in Gloucester. Though I do not know what these images were used for. Though very likely for a an Ad.

Tuna Days

Regretfully there is a bunch of 4×5 negatives that have been distorted due to heat damage years ago. As I work out ways to see these wonderful images I came across this wonderful series of Tuna Fishing. My guess is these were used for an ad, but who knows.


Chesterfield Film Crew

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Chesterfield Cigarette ads

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Ken work as an artist for Chesterfield Cigarettes for many years. Here are four of the ads that he had worked on. These are from his McCall’s Magazine proof stack.


Art School or Ad Agency?

My guess is this is one of the bull pens that Ken worked in or maybe me watching 5 seasons on Madmen is impacting my view.

Nonetheless, it is a wonderful image.

GMAC Ad concepts and boards

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Some wonderful ad concepts from Ken Vincent.

Gloucester Paint Ad Images

GMAC ad concept and photo

This is photo of Oscar Nelson and the Ad concept that it went to for GMAC.  It reminds me of the days of rube masks for photo silos.

Does this look like a man that you would buy a car from?

GMAC Car Loans

GMAC Car Loans


Oscar Nelson

Oscar Nelson


Gloucester Artist

Gloucester Artist

Gloucester Artist

This is one of my favorite photos that was likely a photo for an local Gloucester ad campaign.