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Kids for an unknown ad

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Unknown kids, though they look like they are trying to get somewhere.

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The Chesterfield Cigarettes Band

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These images were all from the same roll. Strange and wonderful.2016-01-15-0017

Elizabeth and her daughter, with unknown dog.

2016-01-15-0018 2016-01-15-0019 2016-01-15-0020

MAD MEN Go Sailing

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Getaway from the Agency and go sailing with some friends.

I have seen photos of these men before visiting Rockport

Anyone know what harbor this is?

Inside Gloucester Paint

Bomco Girls

Ken did a lot of work for Gloucester and Rockport companies. One of them being Bomco. I have rolls and rolls of images of the old Bomco that I need to get through one of these days. There are lots of images like this, which makes me wonder if they were for ads or a calendar?

Vincent Advertising Staff

An unknown woman that appears to be a part of Ken’s staff. In the last few years I have meet a few people that had worked with Ken, though I do not know who this is, but I find them wonderful portraits.



Helen-adv4 Helen-adv Helen-adv2 Vincet-adv2

A few cans of Gloucester Paint

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Gloucester Paint at SBYC in Rockport

The family has always had a connection to Sandy Bay Yacht Club in Rockport. These are images from the Gloucester Paint ad campaign.

All three people are unknown.

gloucester-paint-sbyc gloucester-paint-sbycA gloucester-paint-sbycB

The Building Center – Anniversary

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Nick Barletta posted to Facebook as short story about Mr. Francis Bruni, the owner of the Building Center and the Pigeon Cove Turnpike.
It reminded me that I found these images from the The Building Center – Anniversary in Ken’s collection as he did the majority of the advertising for the Building Center.

I can only recognize one person and that is Walther Johnson back. Anyone recognize anyone else?

















Thats Advertising!

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Some more ad concepts for Chesterfield. With the finding of these images, it continues my thought that Ken did do photography for Chesterfield, though family stories say that he did not.

At the CBS studios with the Chesterfield Band

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