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Kathy, Linda and Margie

The influence of the Swedish / Scandinavian culture in Rockport should not be overlooked. It is a major part of its history. Though as generations pass, the shadows of the Swedish influence stays alive by the work of the local Spiran Lodge #98 .  At one point there were three Swedish churches in Pigeon Cove which all three have now been converted to private residences.

The bellow series of photos makes me wonder if Ken was working on a project for the lodge. These were taken at the  Haven Ave residence/studio, and include sisters Kathy & Lynda Hamilton and Margie Erkkila.


Capt. Ned Cameron

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I originally posted this set of images thinking it was Jack Goddard, though have been corrected that it is Ned Cameron. Thanks to the Goddard family for helping me out.

Yacht Concepts for Gloucester Paint

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You know a 3.5 horse Sears motor can run a yacht? Especially, if the bottom is painted with Gloucester Paints!

Another interesting concept from Vincent Advertising on Haven Ave. I love the hand on the right side holding up the motor and the odd placements of everything else. 1960’s advertising at an all time high!

What the tagline, who is the market?

Rockport Artist Francis Mordecai

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Francis Mordecai was a longtime Rockport Artist. She studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Ken and Elizabeth were both grads of SMFA)  and likely one of the connections to the many Rockport / SMFA student connected to Rockport. She was a member of the Rockport Art Association, and Cape Ann Society of Modern Artists (1958-1977) and I believe she was also the author of Understanding Modern Art, which was co-written with Helen Stone.


Money and Mortgage and other ad concepts

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I love these old ad concepts from Haven Ave. They were likely for Cape Ann savings bank, though I have not seen any ads or comps that take these concepts any further. Elizabeth is the one pulling and the cut out $$, though I am not sure if that is Ken’s hand placing the O. Does marriage really = mortgage

The Family Camper

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It’s time to save for that family camper! or something like that.

Lets go sleading

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This is one of those photos that you wish you had more than one of.

Though it is just so wonderful!

I wonder what  it was selling?

Peter Says Hi!

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A young Peter Vincent ASMA, says hi! I t looks like an ad campaign though, I have never seen the ad.

These were taken at 18 Haven. Look at the trees.

Hawian Vacation with Jane Squires

Rockport’s own Jane Squires often worked as a model for Vincent’s Advertising. My guess this was an ad campaign for Cape Ann Savings Bank and a vacation savings campaign.

Cripple Cove – Captain Joe’s

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Girl with Guitar – Lois Clapp

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Cape Ann Savings Bank Gloucester