Aerial image of the Downtown Gloucester

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Todays question is when was the Gloucester YMCA built? 1970? The second image clearly shows its construction.

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  1. In image 6 there is a roof with Gloucester spelled out. Do you know what that building is/was?

    Like the last three, with the houses!

  2. Fabulous photos once again ..Thank you, Eoin
    About the date of the rebuilding of the YMCA.. I agree it was in the early 70s ..I remember going to “Y dances” around that time when the building was brand new…
    In the fourth picture showing Pleasant St. you can see 50% off sale signs in the Brown’s department store windows and sale tables outside.. Maybe that was their going out of business sale..I tried to find out the date of the W.G. Browns closing with no luck.. but, I bet it coincides with the building of the new Y.
    But, then again maybe the photos were taken during the annual Side Walk Bazaar.

    Dave, I’m pretty certain that the building with GLOUCESTER on the roof is the Armory, now Curtis Clark elderly housing on Prospect St.

    Eoin, Please continue to post more pictures …They’re wonderful!

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