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Seagulls and the Harbor

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I wish we could see these Gloucester docks clearer.

What is this?

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What is this device and how was it used on the Gloucester docks?

Joey C at Good Morning Gloucester believes it is a fish unloader, likely for redfish.

What do you think this is?

Bluewaters – Gloucester Fleet

These photos of the Gloucester boat Bluewaters, were likely taken by Peter. In college, Peter had done a series of images of modern fishing boats and their engine propellors and these images would fit well into that collection.

Kathy, Linda and Margie

The influence of the Swedish / Scandinavian culture in Rockport should not be overlooked. It is a major part of its history. Though as generations pass, the shadows of the Swedish influence stays alive by the work of the local Spiran Lodge #98 .  At one point there were three Swedish churches in Pigeon Cove which all three have now been converted to private residences.

The bellow series of photos makes me wonder if Ken was working on a project for the lodge. These were taken at the  Haven Ave residence/studio, and include sisters Kathy & Lynda Hamilton and Margie Erkkila.