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3 Military images

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I do not know if these images go together or not.

My guess is that they do not. Though the images below are very intriguing to understand what they were to be used for.

Kids for an unknown ad

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Unknown kids, though they look like they are trying to get somewhere.

2016-01-15-0014 2016-01-15-0016 2016-01-15-0015fo

The Chesterfield Cigarettes Band

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These images were all from the same roll. Strange and wonderful.2016-01-15-0017

Elizabeth and her daughter, with unknown dog.

2016-01-15-0018 2016-01-15-0019 2016-01-15-0020

MAD MEN Go Sailing

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Getaway from the Agency and go sailing with some friends.

I have seen photos of these men before visiting Rockport

Anyone know what harbor this is?