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Russian Boat

This appears to be a Russian boat in Gloucester harbor.

Susanne Susanne2 susanne3

Vincent Advertising Staff

An unknown woman that appears to be a part of Ken’s staff. In the last few years I have meet a few people that had worked with Ken, though I do not know who this is, but I find them wonderful portraits.



Helen-adv4 Helen-adv Helen-adv2 Vincet-adv2

Main Street Gloucester

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main-glou main-glou2

Whistle Stop Mall

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Some early images of Whistle Stop Mall and Smith Hardware.





A few cans of Gloucester Paint

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Gloucester Paint in Manchester

More images for Gloucester Paint ads. These images have Ken and Elizabeths son Ken (my Dad) in them. The woman in unknown, though I have seen other images of her in other stills.

gloucester-paint2gloucester-paint2a gloucester-paint2b gloucester-paint gloucester-paint11

SBYC – Weekend Storm

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I wish these images were better. Most of the images were underexposed with focusing issues.
Though there is some interesting views of SBYC and one of the top of Bearskin Neck.







Gloucester Paint at SBYC in Rockport

The family has always had a connection to Sandy Bay Yacht Club in Rockport. These are images from the Gloucester Paint ad campaign.

All three people are unknown.

gloucester-paint-sbyc gloucester-paint-sbycA gloucester-paint-sbycB