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Lost for Words

Posted 07/29/13 by Eoin Vincent and filed under:

I have been lost for words. As my Aunt Mary Ann, Ken and Elizabeths first child has past away. She is the last of their children.
She was a Mother, Wife, Teacher and Artist who helped and loved the community and made a difference.

I have to say this project of 18haven has been a joy to experience with her. As it has helped keep the stories of Ken, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Ken Jr., Thomas, David and Peter alive.

This is footage that I had restored about 7 years ago, I always think of Mary Ann when I look at it:

  1. Ken and Elizabeth with Ken’s parents in Ogunquit with Mary Ann as a child.
  2. Elizabeth and unknown person with Cow
  3. Hubble Lighthouse
  4. Elizabeth and Ken body surfing
  5. Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Grand and Great Grand Mother
  6. Mary Ann (color image) and Ken’s father Fredrick
  7. Mary Ann at the Beach
  8. Unknown People.
  9. Ken Jr. (my dad) taking a bottle
  10. Mary Ann in Sunday best
  11. Christmas
  12. Ken
  13. Maggie, Elizabeth’s sister
  14. Elizabeth and Maggie



Chesterfield Cigarette ads

Posted 07/09/13 by Eoin Vincent and filed under:

Ken work as an artist for Chesterfield Cigarettes for many years. Here are four of the ads that he had worked on. These are from his McCall’s Magazine proof stack.


Motif #1

Posted 07/07/13 by Eoin Vincent and filed under:

I am not sure when these were taken of the Motif. Someone my be able to speculate from the car.

In my mind it is somewhere pre 1970 because of the traps.

Bearskin Neck 1970’s?

Posted 07/06/13 by Eoin Vincent and filed under:

As much as something change, some stay the same.

Some photos of Bearskin Neck. I am guessing 1970’s.

Art School or Ad Agency?

My guess is this is one of the bull pens that Ken worked in or maybe me watching 5 seasons on Madmen is impacting my view.

Nonetheless, it is a wonderful image.

GMAC Ad concepts and boards

Posted 07/04/13 by Eoin Vincent and filed under:

Some wonderful ad concepts from Ken Vincent.

Time to Breakout the band – Happy 4th

Posted 07/04/13 by Eoin Vincent and filed under:

I found this photo of Ken and his band. The photo is stamped Ohoogrua, NH and my guess is it was when he went to summer camp.

From the right he is the 3rd one in with the violin.